Data Protection Policy

Havant Camera Club (the Club) is established with the objects set out in its Constitution and is a data controller within the UK.

The personal information referred to in this Policy may include name, address, photographic distinctions, contact details, affiliations, service records, records of entries to competitions/exhibitions, and such other information as may be necessary for the effective management of the legitimate interests of the Club.

The Club collects and uses the personal information of current members for its membership records, its participation in internal and inter-club competitions and in order to disseminate information relevant to the Club and its activities. The personal information relating to contact details is made available only to members of the Club Committee who will use it solely for Club purposes.

The Club publishes an annual Programme Booklet which contains the names and contact details of its Committee Members. This Booklet is circulated to all members, speakers, judges and selected guests as well as any advertisers (for invoice records only).

Photographic images taken of or by members, including the name and distinctions of the photographer, may be published on the Club Website or used in inter-club and inter-federation competitions/exhibitions. By entering any image into a competition, members are deemed to have authorised the Club/Federation/PAGB to retain the images and associated photographer’s details in their records.

The Club may retain historical archives, such as handbooks, catalogues, awards etc. indefinitely. Personal details of prospective and past members will be deleted after one year.

The Club Secretary is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and safekeeping of data held by the Club. Anyone wishing to verify or make changes to personal information, to opt out of receiving electronic mail from the Club or to stop the use of their images on the Club website or in inter-club competitions should contact the Secretary in writing.

August 2018