PI Round 2 ‘A’

This competition was judged by Rob de Ruiter ARPS

steve frostReady to Go10
John BogleKingfisher Preening10
John Gowenplastic crops10
carrie davidsonrice harvester.110
Nick JohnsonJoe Cool9.5
John Gowentrying it on9.5
Nigel HayesMallard Female9.5
Becky HitchcockThree not so blind mice9.5
John BogleMarsh Fly Before Sunrise9.5
Keith SawyerWoman in Black9
Judith CookLooking up in Awe9
Brian MitchellHMS Warrior9
Keith SawyerYou Must Be Joking9
Barry DayQ E Arrives in Portsmouth9
Judith CookWrecking Ball9
David YoungWinkle Street9
Barry DayProud Para9
John CrumpSunburst9
Becky HitchcockDawn Silhouettes8.5
Ron DeAthDay is Done8.5
Gordon GentlesRainy Day Racing8.5
John CrumpNew Forest Dawn 28.5
steve frostTogether8.5
carrie davidsonvillage elders8.5
Nick JohnsonMan With Tripod8.5
Margaret GowenCastle Theyret8
Eric ClarkHowzat!8
John CookAfternoon tea8
Caroline BroomFake News8
Ron DeAthElectric Light8
Eric ClarkTaking Shelter8
John Cookart viewer8
Brian MitchellArtic Spring7.5
Gordon GentlesBlackpool Sands7.5
David YoungBattling the Storm Cowes Week7.5
Nigel HayesJolly Boating Colours7.5
Margaret Gowenthe guide7.5
Caroline BroomAutumnal7