2nd Open ‘A’ PI Competition 19-20

This competition was judged by Malcolm Bull

Dave YoungRed Dune And Tree, Namibia10
Jean BrooksApproaching Storm, Inch Beach10
John BogleShort Eared Owl Takes Flight10
John BogleMaking A Splash9.5
Judith CookSS Leisure Centre9.5
Keith SawyerDoppleganger9.5
Barry DayRichard 'n' Stratocaster9
Caroline BroomAutumn Fungi9
Carrie DavidsonThe Tailor And Grandson9
Erich PooleBlue Tit On Branch9
John CookCataract9
Judith CookGrjotagja Cave9
Nigel HayesIn Conversation...9
Nigel HayesLate Afternoon At Bosham9
Ron DeAthCross Flow9
Steve FrostPathway To The Church9
Steve FrostThe Chemists9
Tony WoottonSanderling9
Barry DayWorcester Evening8.5
Caroline BroomTurbulence8.5
Carrie DavidsonSteps To Water8.5
Dave YoungEnd Of The Road8.5
Eric ClarkLoco 760178.5
Gordon GentlesPaul Casey Bunker Recovery8.5
Gordon GentlesWaiting For The Start8.5
John CookSouter Lighthouse Drive8.5
John GowenRusting Plassy8.5
Keith SawyerOff The Wall8.5
Nick JohnsonSucculent Flower8.5
Ron DeAthJust Hangin' Round8.5
David PowellBack Alleys Of Curacao8
Erich PooleTwo Pins And A Spring8
Jean BrooksWinter Storm, Hayling8
Nick JohnsonBamburgh Lighthouse8
David PowellIn The Evening Light7.5
John GowenErratic Fungi7.5
Margaret GowenShady Corner7.5
Margaret GowenVillage Church7.5
Peter ColliganNuns Having Fun7.5
Tony WoottonOrange Tip Butterfly7.5
Eric ClarkSunrise Bergen7
Peter ColliganTrees On Hillside7