PI Round 3 ‘A’

This competition was judged by Ken Scott ARPS

John BogleJumping Spider10
Keith SawyerThe Autist10
Nick JohnsonJewels In The Cracks10
George AtkinsInstant Power9.5
Jean BrooksBusy on the Phone9.5
John BogleWaxwing Take Off9.5
Tony WoottonSitting on a rock9.5
Eric ClarkPoplar Hawk Moth9
Erich PooleKingfisher with catch9
Keith SawyerTenacity9
Nigel HayesThe Fargazer9
Ron DeAthStatuesque9
Barry DayThe Lady Chapel8.5
Carrie Davidsonsisterly love8.5
Eric ClarkBearded Dragon8.5
Judith CookGold Silver Bronze8.5
steve frostThe Bay, Singapore8.5
Tony WoottonGlacier National Park8.5
David YoungStag Petworth Park 28
George AtkinsThe Back Street Poacher8
John CookBuilding and street lamp mirage8
John Gowendesireable home8
Peter ColliganSpring Flowers, Castelluccio8
Barry DayRed Cap7.5
Carrie DavidsonMedicine Man7.5
David YoungLone Fisherman Lake Garda7.5
Erich PooleMilk Frog7.5
John GowenFemale Mallard7.5
Margaret GowenCrossing the lake7.5
Nigel HayesSeaside Life7.5
Ron DeAthEverybody's Doin It7.5
John CookRunning Free7
Margaret GowenOutdoor dancing7
Nick JohnsonThe Winter Garden7
Jean BrooksSaltburn Impression6.5
Peter ColliganThe Alien, Mottisfont6.5
steve frostChasing the Lights6.5
Judith CookWorking Hands6