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This competition was judged by Jim Pascoe BA Honours ABIPP ARPS

Alan FrostA Tulip10
Carrie DavidsonSchoolgirl India10
George AtkinsThe Harley Roadster10
Steve FrostFoggy Day on the Sands10
Alan FrostThe Sacristry9.5
John CookH.M.S Alliance9.5
Nick JohnsonSpittal rocks 29.5
Steve FrostSteep Church9.5
Barry DayWeekend Sailor9
Carrie DavidsonAt the Cookpot9
John BogleFalse heath Fratillary9
Barry DayChapel of Reconciliation8.5
Geoff OsbornHanging On8.5
George AtknsAbove the Morning Mist8.5
Gordon GentlesHappiness8.5
Gordon GentlesUnder the Millenium8.5
Gordon GentlesThe Bow Man8.5
John BogleMeadow Grasshopper8.5
Nick JohnsonBoat Sheds 28.5
Ron De'athNight Out at the Pub8.5
Steve FrostSkeletal Trees8.5
Andrew BloxhamAt Hinton Ampner8
Bernie FlowerEmsworth Swan8
Caroline BroomThe Village Spiv8
Caroline BroomThe Yellow Post8
Carrie DavidsonRickshaw Nap8
David YoungNumber 428
George AtkinsLady on the Train8
John BogleTornado GR48
Nick JohnsonIce in the River Alver8
Roger PrattA Well weathered Latch8
Ron De'athLonely Tree8
Ron De'athSligachan Torrent8
Andrew BloxhamAt Llangollen7.5
Caroline BroomEastney Lake7.5
David YoungAdmiring Gursky-4German Chancelars7.5
David YoungBeach stones7.5
Eric ClarkFantasy Ball 17.5
Eric ClarkRose 17.5
Eric ClarkLong Tailed tit7.5
Geoff OsbornLeading from the front7.5
John CookFallen Leaf7.5
Andrew BloxhamLine A-Stern7
Fiona PrattHappy Days7
Geoff OsbornPaddle Boarding7
John CookBee Orchid7
Margaret GowenFun and games7
Roger PrattIt was this big madam7
Margaret GowenQueueing6.5
Roger PrattThis Way to the Church6.5