1st Open A Results 20-21

BeckyHitchcockHey you are tickling10
Caroline BroomApproaching Storm10
Gordon GentlesSea Mist East Wittering10
Jean BrooksCranes And Towers10
Keith SawyerThe Solo10
Carrie DavidsonFaded Beauty9.5
Dave YoungPath Thro The Bluebell Wood9.5
Nick JohnsonOn The Beach9.5
Antonio GouveiaAwakening9
Caroline BroomTowards Mengham Rithe9
David PowellRed Eyed Fly9
David StandleyBranching Out9
Erich PooleFive Pins9
Gordon GentlesAgave Study9
Jean BrooksFalling Over9
John BogleSilver Studded Blue At Sunrise9
Judith CookApproaching The Bridge9
Ron DeAthChannel Marker9
Barry DayCanal Reflections8.5
Barry DayKing Henry VIII8.5
BeckyHitchcockMove over8.5
Dave YoungTulip In The Sky8.5
David PowellAcross The Lake8.5
Eric ClarkScrew Cityscape8.5
John BogleMountain Hare8.5
John CookDevils Punchbowl Tree8.5
Keith SawyerFascinating Rhythm8.5
Ron DeAthRock Pool8.5
Stephen FrostDead And Alive Trees Uluru8.5
Tony WoottonGolden Ringed Dragonfly8.5
Tony WoottonYellow Wagtail_8.5
David StandleyThe Disagreement8
Erich PooleMantis In The Monsoon8
John GowenUnder The Pier8
Margaret GowenAll In Red8
Nick JohnsonBlue8
Stephen FrostRural Steam8
Antonio GouveiaHarbour View7.5
Carrie DavidsonElements7.5
Eric ClarkRose7.5
John CookSunflower7.5
Judith CookArum Lillies7.5
John GowenFriends7
Margaret GowenAt The Station7