2nd Subject – People

Antonio GouveiaGoing Fishing10
Dave YoungRower On The Ganges10
Dave YoungThe Empty Chair10
John CookStreet Gossip10
Roger PrattToday's Specials10
Stephen FrostThe Lollipop10
Antonio GouveiaStanding In Awe9.5
Carrie DavidsonBlack 'n' White Crew9.5
David PowellRomance On The Stones9.5
Eric ClarkOn The Look Out9.5
Jean BrooksDistracted On The Phone9.5
Judith CookRushing9.5
Tony WoottonTravel Or Not To Travel9.5
Carrie DavidsonSixty Years Married9
Dave YoungMother Love9
Heather WagstaffHannah9
Heather WagstaffMasterclass9
Jean BrooksMe And My Dad At The Docks9
Nick JohnsonHappy9
Stephen FrostThe Demonstration9
Alan FrewMight Of Rome8.5
Caroline BroomAfter The Rain8.5
Carrie DavidsonRajasthan Gentleman8.5
Jean BrooksThere's More Thataway8.5
John CookLute Player8.5
John GowenWhy Not Me8.5
Nick JohnsonDieter And Jim8.5
Roger PrattAll for NHS8.5
Alan FrewHeading Home8
Andrew PowlingA Londoner8
Andrew PowlingDistant Drums8
David PowellMiami Pensioners8
Eric ClarkI've Been Waiting For You8
Erich PooleLady In Red8
Erich PooleThe Ranger8
Geoff OsbornWalking The Dog8
Heather WagstaffSimon8
John CookPharmacist8
John GowenLooking Everyway8
Judith CookCheeky!8
Pauline MallardLily8
Pauline MallardOn Parade8
Roger PrattWatching8
Ron DeAthWinter Walk8
Sue YoungGirl In The Arch8
Tony WoottonYesterday8
Alan FrewJoyful Gathering7.5
Andrew PowlingThree Women In A Boat7.5
Caroline BroomBoys Will Be Boys7.5
Erich PooleLost in Lavender7.5
Geoff OsbornBrittanylady7.5
Geoff OsbornRestawhile7.5
John GowenCar Maintenance7.5
Judith CookFeeding The Birds7.5
Pauline MallardWaiting Your Turn7.5
Ron DeAthKiss Me Quick7.5
Ron DeAthMultitasking7.5
Stephen FrostTogether7.5
Stewart RoweStand Still7.5
Tony WoottonI'm Forever Blowing Bubbles7.5
Margaret GowenOn The Stage7
Margaret GowenViewing Point7
Stewart RoweThe Charles Bridge Quartet7
Sue YoungWaiting For The Serve7
Margaret GowenIn The Cathedral6.5
Nick JohnsonGetting The Shot6.5
Sue YoungQueen For The Day6.5