PI Round 1 ‘A’

This competition was judged by Glyn Edmunds APAGB APSA ARPS EFIAP/g

Nick JohnsonRemembrance8
Nigel Hayes My Pint of View7.5
Nigel Hayes Lonely Boots7.5
Eric ClarkMiniatures7
Eric ClarkWhats that coming over the hill7
John CookIllusion of childs play8
David YoungChapel in the Dolomites8
Peter ColliganRed Poster8
steve frostClevedon Pier8
Margaret GowenDestroyed cliff dwellings 28
Barry DayRacing Trucks8
Ron DeAthPrinsted Walk8
Judith CookFarmer8
George AtkinsCity of Arts and Sciences 38
Barry DaySt Mary Itchen Stoke8.5
Margaret GowenHot pond8.5
carrie davidsonVillage Craft8.5
John GowenCulvert cover8.5
Jean BrooksShapes and Textures8.5
Judith CookImperial War Museum Manchester8.5
Erich PooleOff the track 8.5
carrie davidsonRaj8.5
Erich PooleMonitor Lizard8.5
Nick JohnsonMaking Waves8.5
Tony WoottonDarth Vader at Rest8.5
Peter ColliganAbandoned Fiat8.5
BeckyHitchcockJuvenile White Tailed Eagle with carrion8.5
steve frostInto the Smoke9
Tony WoottonLittle Green Bee Eater9
John CookDawn Bryce Canyon9
Keith SawyerIdiosyncrasy9
Keith SawyerReady9.5
John GowenAutumn trees9.5
Jean BrooksOblivious9.5
John BogleDewy Glanville Fritillary9.5
David YoungAutumn Trees Petworth9.5
Ron DeAthReflection10
John BogleThe Lookout10
BeckyHitchcockEagle Owl in blizzard10