Print Round 2 ‘Open’

Print Round 2 – ‘Open’

This competition was judged by Sue Sibley ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE2*

Carrie DavidsonMy home8.5
Becky HitchcockSunrise at Horseshoe Point8.5
David YoungA Gardners Rest8.5
George AtkinsDawn in the Museum8.5
Geoff OsbornShepherds Altar8.5
John CookSpinnaker Fantasy8.5
Gordon gentlesWales Millenium Centre8.5
Roger PrattFountain at St Vincents Cathedral, charlons8.5
Becky HitchcockMountan Man, Yellowstone8
Steve FrostRunnng Deer at Petworth8.5
Eric ClarkRose 28
David YoungStag at Petworth8
Margaret GowenSeaside bits and pieces8
George AtkinsRoughting-Linn Waterfall8
Paul ToddRain Drops8
Nick JohnsonThe Marker8
Roger PrattNarrow Gauge on the streets of St Valery Sur Somme8
Andrew BloxhamChirk Castle7.5
Steve FrostSanctuary8
Barry DayLate Afternoon Whittering7.5
Andrew BloxhamTracks At Bovington7.5
Fiona PrattFinishing Touches7.5
David YoungReady for the Beach7.5
Nick JohnsonWest Dean 37.5
John CookTree Lined Path7.5
Steve FrostFoggy day at Whitby7.5
Ron De'athOn Display7.5
Fiona PrattHammocks Hanging7
Eric ClarkFantasy Ball 27
Nick JohnsonAutumn7
Margaret GowenThe Walkers7
Roger PrattAbandoned7
Paul ToddSitting Pretty7
Andrew BloxhamBehind time in Tideswell church6.5
Ron De'athMisty Morning9
John BogleTornado through the gloom9
George AtkinsHogwarts Express9
Geoff OsbornThe Lectern9
Eric ClarkPoplar Hawk Moth9
Carrie DavidsonSummer Beach huts9
Caroline BroomSolent sunset9
Caroline BroomThe Mechanic9
Becky HitchcockGreat Grey Owl has Spotted Me9
Barry DayWymondham Abbey9
John CookFigures on the Escalator9.5
John bogleMining Bee at rest9.5
Gordon GentlesSevern Bridge9.5
Carrie DavidsonVillage Girl, India9.5
Caroline BroomNewtown Creek9.5
Ron De'athWenceslas Moment10
John bogleSlender Striped Robberfly10
Gordon GentlesA Dull day in London10
Alan frostMissing Hand10
Alan FrostBamburgh10