Print Set Subject 1

This competition was judged by Keven Sandall

Nick JohnsonOwengate6.5
Margaret GowenFrench Scene7.5
Margaret GowenThe Band7.5
Fiona PrattDutch Delivery7.5
Bernie FlowerHaving a Chat7.5
Roger PrattUrban Golf, lucca, Tuscany8
Andrew BloxhamRye8
Nick Johnsonsee You8.5
David YoungMalcesine Lake Garda Stall8.5
Bernie FlowerWash Day8.5
Andrew BloxhamTideswell8.5
Roger PrattPavement Cafe, Burgundy9
Nick JohnsonSentinels at the Fringe9
George AtkinsBless My Soul9
George AtkinsThe Big Clean Up9
Carrie DavidsonPastry Sellers9
Andrew BloxhamStreet Art, Shoreditch9
Roger PrattIn Florence: You can't drive that 'ere Signora9.5
David YoungVienna Pride 20179.5
Carrie DavidsonAlley Gossip9.5
George AtkinsColliding Cultures10
Fiona PrattStepping Out10
David YoungAccordian Muscian Florence10
Carrie DavidsonSpotty Boots10