2nd Set Subjects Results PDIs 19-20 People

This competition was judged by Jon Mitchell

Caroline BroomSharing A Joke10
John CookCouple10
Caroline BroomSolving The Puzzle10
Stewart RoweGrand Central9.5
Jean BrooksDespair At The Jewish Museum9.5
Eric ClarkWinter Warmer9.5
Linda CarterWelcoming Kids9.5
Peter NealShouty Man9.5
John BogleDescent9.5
Barry DayTudor Pie Maker9.5
Margaret GowenAround The Table9
Carrie DavidsonFestival Fun9
Barry DaySwing Dance9
Geoff OsbornFrisbee9
Geoff OsbornModelphoto9
Carrie DavidsonIndian Friends9
Keith SawyerPride Group9
David PowellVillage Boy9
Roger PrattLiving Statue In Pisa8.5
Tony WoottonHealth and Safety8.5
Judith CookPaddling8.5
Keith SawyerBeach Group8.5
Ron DeAthHappy Shoppers8.5
David PowellA Grand Day Out8.5
Sue YoungLook Behind You8.5
Steffen TauchnitzThe Keeper Of The Gate (analogue)8.5
John CookRomantic In Paris8.5
Pat MitchellGents Outfter8.5
Dave YoungWaiting For The Next Bowl8.5
Erich PooleHarlem Line Departures8.5
Ron DeAthSingle File8.5
Eric ClarkAlone In The Park8.5
Jean BrooksGoing Down8.5
Andrew PowlingSkating Figures8
Peter NealSanta8
Steffen TauchnitzHappiness In Analogue8
John BogleOverseeing The Action8
Pauline MallardFagons people8
Pat MitchellBrexit Smiles8
Dave YoungTrio Behind The Waterfall8
Andrew PowlingMediterranean Beach Scene8
Margaret GowenOutdoor Performance8
Roger PrattSpanish Colour8
Tony WoottonHealth and Safety 28
Pauline MallardPunch man8
Judith CookRush Hour8
Sue YoungTwo Charlie Chaplins8
Linda CarterWhere Next..7.5
Erich PooleBalloon Man7.5
John GowenHappy Wanderers7.5
Stewart RoweGrenada George7.5
John GowenIn The Square7