3rd Open A Results 20-21

Antonio GouveiaDurdle Door10
Keith SawyerAlter Ego10
Tony WoottonWhat's That Man Doing Mum10
Antonio GouveiaWrecked9.5
Barry DayHands Faith Space9.5
Carrie DavidsonMatera9.5
John BogleFrozen9.5
Caroline BroomRed Sky In The Morning9
Carrie DavidsonElias9
David StandleyOn The Wing9
Nick JohnsonHome To Roost9
Tony WoottonWimbrel9
Caroline BroomIn The Marina8.5
David PowellTrying To Keep Afloat8.5
Eric ClarkCheers 28.5
Gordon GentlesFrosty Walk8.5
John CookInto The Valley Of Death8.5
John GowenAncient Olives8.5
Stephen FrostRounding The Groyne8.5
Barry DayNosey Neighbour8
David PowellOut In The Storm8
Eric ClarkWaves Over Rocks8
Erich PooleGirl In A Peach Dress8
Jean BrooksDerelict Homestead8
Jean BrooksLow Tide, Wittering8
John CookAldeyjarfoss8
Stephen FrostMemories Of Yesteryear8
Dave YoungSunflowers At Stokes Farm7.5
David StandleyTwo Pairs7.5
John BogleRoe Deer Doe7.5
Ron DeAthMorning Mist7.5
Erich PooleIris Sanguinea7
Jim CrucefixHeligan Gardens7
Jim CrucefixTichfield Abbey7
Peter ColliganLangstone Cottage7
Peter ColliganTranquillity7
Ron DeAthHarvest Home7
Dave YoungSwans At Bosham6.5
Gordon GentlesAbandoned6.5
John GowenYellow Loo6.5
Margaret GowenFarm In The Snow6.5
Margaret GowenOm The Road6.5
Nick JohnsonGosport Henge6.5
Keith SawyerTwig In Snow6