4th Set Subject – Nature

John BogleLeverett in Spring Wheat10
John BogleMale Silver Studded Blue With Dew Drops10
Antonio GouveiaEternal Monument9.5
Dave YoungField Mouse On Teasel9.5
Erich PooleVietnamese Mossy Frog9.5
Jan PopeNature Red In Tooth And Claw9.5
Jean BrooksStorks On The Nest9.5
John BogleMale Kestrel in Hawthorn9.5
Rebecca HitchcockWild Buzzard Landing9.5
Tony WoottonStag At Bay9.5
Caroline BroomHoney Fungi9
Carrie DavidsonAutumns Rich Tapestry9
Nick JohnsonBugscape9
Stephen FrostRunning Stag At Petworth9
Stephen FrostSheep At Blea Tarn9
Andrew PowlingForce Of Nature8.5
Caroline BroomBurnet Moth On Common Orchid8.5
Dave YoungElephant Thirst8.5
David PowellButterfly With Aphids8.5
Heather WagstaffFour Spotted Chaser8.5
Linda CarterGreen Rays8.5
Margaret GowenCranesbill In Rocks8.5
Margaret GowenGeyser Rising8.5
Nick JohnsonThe Hunter8.5
Nick JohnsonWinter Sleep8.5
Rebecca HitchcockLion Cubs Playing Tanzania8.5
Ron DeAthAutumn Woodland8.5
Stewart RoweGrey Squirrel8.5
Sue YoungBaby Barn Owl8.5
Tony WoottonDunlin8.5
Andrew BloxhamSunrise Over Emsworth8
Andrew PowlingLittle Egret 'puddling'8
Antonio GouveiaFaraway Land8
Carrie DavidsonMidsummer Daisies8
Carrie DavidsonYoung Fox In The Meadow8
Dave YoungBarn Owl On Fence8
Eric ClarkCinnabar Moth Caterpillar8
Eric ClarkDandelion8
Erich PoolePheasant Roosting8
Geoff OsbornCrocuses8
Geoff OsbornLavant Tree8
Geoff OsbornThistle8
Heather WagstaffMating Damselflies8
Jean BrooksPractising The Splits8
John CookFlamingo Dancers8
Margaret GowenDrinking Together8
Rebecca HitchcockThere's Always One On Guard8
Ron DeAthHanging On8
Russell WakefieldWe Can See You!8
Stephen FrostPetworth Deer8
Stewart RoweFarne Island Puffins8
Tony WoottonRed Admiral8
Alan FrewButterfly And Buddleja7.5
Alan FrewFly Leaf7.5
Alan FrewLanding Pad7.5
Andrew PowlingWater Lily7.5
Antonio GouveiaTwin Peaks7.5
Erich PooleHarvest Mouse 47.5
Heather WagstaffThermal Activity (Pohutu Geyser, NZ)7.5
John CookAutumn Lady's-tresses7.5
John CookFairy Inkcap7.5
John GowenDryads Saddle7.5
John GowenMisty Webs7.5
John GowenMorning Glory7.5
Pauline MallardBunch Of Pears7.5
Pauline MallardEagles Bath Time7.5
Pauline MallardWoodpecker7.5
Roger PrattGeneral Sherman7.5
Roger PrattHeron7.5
Russell WakefieldRed Squirrel7.5
Stewart RoweGolden Swan7.5
Sue YoungDeer At Petworth Park7.5
Sue YoungFire Bellied Toads7.5
Andrew BloxhamHolly With A Halo7
Caroline BroomDrake Shoveler Feeding7
David PowellStanding Out In The Crowd7
Jean BrooksHeron Waiting7
Roger PrattEye To Eye With Nature7
Ron DeAthNew Horizons7
Russell WakefieldHeads Up7
Andrew BloxhamHigh Tide In Slipper Road6.5
Linda CarterA Flush Of Tulips6.5
Linda CarterArrival Of Spring6.5