Tripic 2021

Alan FrewReady Steady GoneFirst
John BogleBearded Tits At FarlingtonSecond
Alan FrewShip ShapesThird
Eric ClarkBlue JuiceHighly Commended
Eric ClarkPincer MovementHighly Commended
Geoff OsbornIris TriptychHighly Commended
Heather WagstaffHannahHighly Commended
John CookBeyond RedHighly Commended
John CookPorticoHighly Commended
Nick JohnsonRobinsHighly Commended
Dave YoungPorto Washing
Ron DeAthCascading Cascades
Andrew PowlingIn The Wild
Erich PooleChameleons 3
Geoff OsbornFlower Triptych
Tony WoottonBomber Command
Alan FrewRelics Of Route 66
Sue YoungRough Sea At Selsey
Heather WagstaffDepression - Always In The Background!
Roger PrattAt Home In Antigua
Andrew BloxhamIsland Lines
Stephen FrostRailway Profiles
Carrie DavidsonColours Of Colombia
Tony WoottonWilson's Promontory
Nick JohnsonProgress
John CookStructure And Texture
Dave YoungGibraltar Monkey
Ron DeAthAutumn Woodland
John BogleBirds Of Prey On The South Downs
Andrew PowlingSunrise
Erich PooleCN Tower - Toronto
Tony WoottonGlacier Lake, Yellowstone
Heather WagstaffGovernors Guarding the Pump Room
Roger PrattLand Of Sea And Sun
John BogleRed Kites On The South Downs
Dave YoungWhite Houses Of Southern Spain
Carrie DavidsonFrosty In The Countryside
Andrew PowlingTrellick Tower, London
Geoff OsbornHawkmoth Triptych
Ron DeAthMorning, Noon And Night
Roger PrattSunday Lunch At Rosie's
Carrie DavidsonPuglia Rooftops
Erich PooleRobin
Eric ClarkRoses