Constitution and Bye-Laws (May 2016)

  1. The Club
    The Club shall be called the Havant Camera Club. It shall have for its objectives the bringing together of people actively interested in any of the branches of photography, the reading and discussion of papers, excursions as a Club to practice photography, circulation of portfolios, instruction and lectures on photography, demonstrations, holding of exhibitions and competitions.  A Club meeting place shall be made available with equipment and facilities provided as far as possible. The Club shall promote activities to improve the standards of photography both technically and artistically in these areas of interest to the membership at any period.

  2. Membership of the Club
    Membership is open to all those interested in photography.
    Classes of Membership

    i) Members may use all the facilities of the Club and take part in all events organised by the Club

    ii) Youth/Student Membership is defined as a person under the age of 18 years or a full-time student up to the age of 25 years. Prospective members under the age of 16 years must show evidence of parental consent.

    Honorary Life Membership

    Honorary Life Membership may be awarded for outstanding contribution to the Club over many years.

  1. Annual Subscription for Members
    The annual subscription for all categories of membership shall be recommended by the Committee and approved at a General Meeting of the Club. Any person joining the Club after 1st January in any season shall pay half the normal subscription. Subscriptions are due on the first meeting of the season or on joining the Club.
  1. Prospective Members
    Prospective members are welcome to the Club, but shall not attend more than two meetings in any one season without obligation to the Club
  2. Management of the Club and Officers
    a) The Club shall be managed by a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and a Committee of not less than six members.b) Five members out of the four officers plus six committee members shall form a quorum for meetings.c) The Chairman shall normally serve for a period of two years and shall be succeeded by the Vice-Chairman.

    d) The Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer may serve longer than the two year period subject to re-election biennially.

    e) The committee members shall each serve for one year but shall be eligible for re-election.

    f) Election of Officers, Independent Examiner and Committee shall take place at the Annual General Meeting. Four of the Officers or Committee shall be responsible for:

    i) Syllabus
    ii) Competitions
    iii) Publicity
    iiii) Exhibitions

    g) Each shall have the power to co-opt other members (not executive) to assist in their respective duties.

    h) Nominations for the Club Officers, properly nominated and seconded, shall be in the hands of the Honorary Secretary fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting.

    i) Each member nominated for Office must sign the nomination paper indicating acceptance.

    j) The Committee members can only act on behalf of the Club in accordance with the authority given to the Committee by the Constitution and Byelaws.

  1. President and Vice-President(s)
    The Club may elect a President and Vice-President(s) either from amongst its own members or outside the Club. Such elections do not confer a seat on the Club Executive, but only carry an ordinary member’s right of voting at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Resignation of Members
    The Committee may demand the resignation of any member whose actions may be to the detriment of the Club or its members. The member shall have the right of appeal to the Committee.
  3. Club Funds
    a) The funds of the Club shall be applied only to the stated objects of the Club. Members shall not receive payment, either directly or indirectly, for their services to the Club except for legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of the Club. In the event of the dissolution of the Club the remaining assets of the Club shall be disposed at the discretion of a General Meeting of the Club.b) The assets of the Club will be available to the Committee members to discharge any liability incurred in the exercise of their duties under the Constitutions and Byelaws.
  4. Reserves
    A reserve fund, sufficient to meet the liabilities of the Club for one year, shall be maintained in a bank/building society account and shall only be used in the event of the annual income being insufficient to meet these expenses.
  5. Responsibility of Officers
    a) The Honorary Secretary shall be responsible for the general correspondence of the Club.b) The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for the monies and other assets of the Club and accounts of the Club.c) A financial statement, audited by the Independent Examiner, shall be submitted to the Club at the Annual General Meeting.
  6. Meetings
    Meetings shall be held weekly from September to May inclusive unless otherwise notified by the Committee before the start of the season.
  7. Competitions
    All club competitions shall be conducted according to the competition rules laid down by the Committee before the start of the season.
  8. Annual General Meeting
    An Annual General Meeting shall be held at intervals of not greater than 15 months to:-a) Receive the reports of the Chairman and Honorary Treasurer together with the audited accounts for the last financial year.b) Elect officers and Committee Members.

    c)  Transact any other business mentioned in the notice convening the meeting or accepted by the Chairman at the meeting.

  9. Extraordinary General Meeting
    a) On receiving written notice, signed by not less than five members of the club, the Honorary Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club within thirty days.b) The reasons for the EGM must be stated in writing by the notifying members.c) A minimum of 14 days notice of such meetings shall be given to all members.
  10. Alterations to Constitution and Bye-Laws.

Alterations and additions to these rules can only be made at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting provided that notice of the intended change is attached to such a notice convening the AGM or EGM to be held specifically for that purpose.


The above Constitution and Bye-Laws were approved by an Annual General Meeting held at the Club on 7th May 1995.

Minor amendments to the Constitution were proposed and agreed at the AGM’s on 4th May 2004, 3rd May 2005, 28th April 2009, 7th May 2013, 3rd May 2016.