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2023-24 Season

1st Open

Carrie DavidsonGirl Power, Ethiopia10
Erich PooleTarantula Reflection10
Richard MiltonRoyal Oak10
Richard MiltonLow Tide10
Ron De'AthIt's No Picnic10
David YoungSnow in the Tropics!9.5
Gordon GentlesLily pond with Pavilion9.5
Nick JohnsonMeconopsis9.5
Nicola HammondHarbour Impressions9.5
Nigel TayThe Old and the New9.5
Carrie DavidsonPre-Dawn, old Man of Storr9
David YoungLake Molveno Market before the Storm9
Eric ClarkOdd One Out9
Jean BrooksBlue Jeans @ Tate9
John BogleGannet9
Nick JohnsonSpittal Rocks #59
Becky HitchcockPuffin in Flight8.5
Caroline BroomIridescence8.5
Geoff OsbornSlat Museum Llanberis8.5
Gordon GentlesOn Wittering Beach8.5
Jean BrooksDown the Tunnel8.5
Jim Crucefix11:44 Westbourne Bound8.5
Jim Crucefix1939 Hawker Tomtit8.5
John BoglePuffin Amongst the Flowers8.5
John BogleRinged Plover8.5
Ron De'AthBreak in the Clouds8.5
Barry DayThe Italian Straw Hat8
Barry DayConsecration8
Becky HitchcockBridled Guillimot with Sandeel8
Carrie DavidsonVeteran Medal Bearer8
David YoungKiwi Fruit Close Up8
Eric ClarkCatching Clouds8
Erich PooleGodafoss, Iceland8
Erich PooleEider Duck8
Geoff OsbornDruids Lodge Polo8
Geoff OsbornOld Pier Swanage8
Gordon GentlesThe Windsurfer8
Nick JohnsonThe Universal Joint8
Nicola HammondPatterns in Nature8
Robert WhittakerCrusty Stable Lad8
Robert WhittakerLanding Craft LCT70748
Becky HitchcockJuvenile Gannet7.5
Eric ClarkLittle Owl Reflections7.5
Jim CrucefixBridge Lake Langstone7.5
Nigel TayYoung Reflections7.5
Nigel TayOn the Canal7.5
Robert WhittakerImmature Gannet7.5
Ron De'AthNeath the Spreading Chestnut Tree7.5
Sue YoungPelican Wavis Bay Namibia7.5
Caroline BroomWoodland Light7
Richard MiltonFishing Lesson7

2022-23 Season

4th Open

Becky HitchcockSnipe Coming into Roost10
Carrie DavidsonThe Cycle Mechanic10
David YoungPorto Drying Washing 210
John BogleYoung Grey Seal10
Nick JohnsonToad Lily9.5
Ron De'AthDerwent Water Sunrise9.5
Becky HitchcockWinter at Wastwater9
Eric ClarkLangstone9
Gordon GentlesThe Surfer9
Jean BrooksWinter Evening, Eastbourne9
Ron De'AthSunrise at Langstone9
Caroline BroomShapes and Shadows8.5
Carrie DavidsonHot Summers Evening8.5
David YoungTwo Indian Girls8.5
Erich PooleHintersee in the Berchtesgaden National Park8.5
Geoff OsbornCoastal Erosion8.5
Gordon GentlesMarina Bay Singapore8.5
Jean BrooksMan with Ladder8.5
John BogleWhite Tailed Eagle with Catch8.5
Ron De'AthHangover8.5
Caroline BroomWinter Trees8
Eric ClarkSilhouette of Progress8
Erich PooleThe Red Arrows8
Gordon GentlesHomeward Bound8
John BogleFluffed up Ringed Plover8
Nick JohnsonA New Day8
Nick JohnsonThe Fish House8
Nigel TayDonut Reflection8
Sue YoungLake Molveno8
Becky HitchcockBandits Overhead7.5
Carrie DavidsonEmsworth Dawn7.5
Eric ClarkTaking a Bit More Curb7.5
Erich PooleRainy Season in Costa Rica7.5
Geoff OsbornChristmas Rose7.5
Geoff OsbornCalm Waters7.5
David YoungMorgan Car Works7
Nigel TayIn Memoriam7
Nigel TayStretch7

3rd Open

Becky HitchcockBarn Owl Hunting10
Carrie DaviesAutumn Lines10
Erich PooleSeagull10
Erich PooleThirsty Carpet Python10
Gordon GentlesMother and Child10
John BogleIncoming White Tailed Eagle10
Ron De'AthAbandoned10
Gordon GentlesBridge Walkers9.5
Jean BrooksThe Blue House9.5
Becky HitchcockStag in the Mist9
Becky HitchcockLapwing Flypast9
Caroline BroomWood Cinemone9
Caroline BroomFrosted Birch Tree9
Caroline BroomSilhouettes9
Carrie DavidsonWest Sussex Morning9
David YoungAbandoned Truck Namibia9
Eric ClarkWreck9
Eric ClarkLangstone Signal9
Jean BrooksBattersea9
Jean BrooksThe Red Car9
John BogleGannet Dispute9
Nick JohnsonA Winter Afternoon9
Nigel TaySpray9
Carrie DavidsonItalian Life8.5
David YoungThe Reader8.5
David YoungPortchester Castle8.5
Erich PooleBarn Owl8.5
Geoff OsbornSeaweed Hut Pembrokeshire8.5
Geoff OsbornAysgarth Falls8.5
Gordon GentlesHigh Living Sydney8.5
John BogleSnoozing Seal Pup8.5
Nigel TayRound Island8.5
Ron De'AthGainsborough Revival8.5
Eric ClarkTriple Drop8
Nick JohnsonJust a Flower8
Nigel TayNot Gone Yet8
Ron De'AthUllswater in Winter8
Sue YoungPortrait in the Park8
Geoff OsbornKimmeridge Bay7.5
Nick JohnsonThe Garden in Winter7.5

2nd Open

Gordon GentlesGold Coast Strollers10
Jean BrooksNuclear Washing Line10
John BogleBrown Hare Amongst Spring Crops10
Nick JohnsonAll the Threes10
Carrie DavidsonPerfect Autumn Morning9.5
Gordon GentlesThe Window Cleaners9.5
John BogleHunting over the Meadow9.5
Ron De'AthTree Gazer9.5
Carrie DavidsonLangstone Mill9
Eric ClarkDrop through Bubble9
John BogleCatch of the Day9
Nick JohnsonBundle Bay9
Barry DaySimple Sunflowers8.5
Caroline BroomSnakes Head Fritillary8.5
Carrie DavidsonLate to Fall8.5
Dave YoungWaiting for the Train-Corfe Castle8.5
Geoff OsbornWoodland Walk8.5
Jean BrooksNo More Prisoners8.5
Nigel TayNeolithic Tomb, Rousay8.5
Nigel TaySaintly Sunlight8.5
David YoungLundy from Hartland Peninsula8
David YoungWind Blown Bushes, Malvern8
Eric ClarkAll the Fun of the Fair8
Erich PooleTree Frog Reflection8
Geoff OsbornAutumn Ferns8
Gordon GentlesNo Smoking Inside8
Ron De'AthHanging On8
Ron De'AthBlue Hour8
Sue YoungMatthew8
Barry DayFreestyle 60's Jive7.5
Caroline BroomAutumn Days7.5
Eric ClarkCatching the Wind7.5
Eric PooleElbow Lake7.5
Erich PooleSpitfire P73507.5
Geoff OsbornAutumn blooms7.5
Jean BrooksPurple Dawn7.5
Nigel TayOver Crowded7.5
Sue YoungWalking with Grandad7.5
Sue YoungPath to Halnaker Windmill7.5
Nick JohnsonUpon Reflection7
Paul ToddWow What a Sight7
Paul ToddSea House Light House7

1st Open

Carrie DavidsonMisty Bluebells10
John BoglePearl Border Fritillary on Bluebell10
John BogleShort Eared Owl in Flight10
Caroline BroomPink9.5
Carrie DavidsonWater Carrier9.5
Gordon GentlesOpera House-Valencia9.5
Jean BrooksDovercourt9.5
John BogleYoung Grey Seal9.5
Nicola HammondAutumn Fruits9.5
Caroline BroomReflections of River9
Eric ClarkHover fly on Sunflower9
Gordon GentlesMorning Light-Lake Bled9
Nick JohnsonFritillaries9
Paul ToddReflections9
Ron De'AthAutumn Splendour9
Ron De'AthHayling Billy Hangover9
Barry DaySpring Green8.5
Barry DayMaster of the House8.5
Erich PooleWawel Royal Castle8.5
Geoff OsbornAutumn Gold8.5
Geoff OsbornTownes Gallery Eastbourne8.5
Jean BrooksThe Washing Line8.5
Jean BrooksAre we there Yet?8.5
Nick JohnsonThe New Window8.5
Nicola HammondLisianthus8.5
Nigel TayOrgan Practice8.5
Ron De'AthDawn in Dubrovnic8.5
Carrie DavidsonPeony after Rain8
David YoungResting on the Malvern Hills8
David YoungMoored Yacht Bosham8
Eric ClarkSplash Cap #28
Eric ClarkGet Knotted8
Erich PooleEuropean Eagle Owl8
Nick JohnsonThree Bridges8
Nigel TayCruising Loch Lochy8
Nigel TayLlangunllo8
Caroline BroomOn the Sea Bed7.5
David YoungDoors in Frome7.5
Erich PooleDroplet7.5
Geoff OsbornFuchsia on a String7.5
Paul ToddFish again for Tea7
Sue YoungLaura at Disneyland Paris7