Image of the Year

Projected Image of the Year 2021-2022

John BogleThe Kiss1
Carrie DavidsonLoch Awe Relections2
Erich PooleNo Man's Land3
Barry DayLicensed To KillHC
Gordon GentlesWoodland MistHC
John BogleFocusedHC
Andrew PowlingPrimrose Hill NW1
Barry DayThe Dragon's Den
Carrie DavidsonKilchurn Castle
Dave YoungSouthbourne Sunset February 22
Dave YoungWhere To Next
David PowellOn The Venice Canal
Derek HickmanAnxious
Derek HickmanLooking For Tourists
Eric ClarkSpanners
Eric ClarkWaiting On The Corner
Erich PooleThe Owl
Geoff OsbornStormy Sky
Geoff OsbornPink Rose
Gordon GentlesRed Kite
Jean BrooksCycling By The Canal
Jean BrooksThe Power Of The Wave
Pat MitchellBirches
Pat MitchellSunrise Lurcy-Levis 2
Stephen FrostAt Talyllyn
Stephen FrostOn Course For The Matterhorn
Sue YoungThree Bugs In The Sunflower
Sue YoungSunset At Prinsted

Print of the Year 2021-2022