Projected Image Set Subject Results

2023-24 Season

4th Set Subject – Something Yellow

Eric ClarkBrimstone Moth10
Geoff OsbornYellow Iris10
John BogleComing Through The Spray10
Erich PooleLeopard Gecko9.5
Pam HoweHoverfly9.5
Andrew PowlingWild Daffodils9
Caroline BroomCowslip9
Carrie DavidsonHaving A Lovely Day9
David PowellNo Room At The Bar9
Derek HickmanYellow ... And Some Blue ... At Keukenhoff9
Gary BarrowsPenny Farthing Wheel9
Nicola HammondSunny Smile9
Roger PrattAngles9
Alistair BlairExhibition This Way8.5
Caroline BroomBritish Summer Time8.5
Carrie DavidsonSunshine Chairs8.5
Dave YoungYellow Pepper In Dishes8.5
Derek HickmanMarigold 'market' In India , For Diwali8.5
Mike PinhornHanging Out The Washing8.5
Mike PinhornForeign Bodies8.5
Nicola HammondDown The Tube8.5
Pam HoweNeed A Push8.5
Ron DeAthFields Of Gold8.5
Ron DeAthHarvest Time8.5
Stephen FrostChurchyard Daffodils8.5
Andrew PowlingLife Springs Anew8
David PowellMe And MyBrother8
Erich PooleSamson And Goliath8
Geoff OsbornChichester Shop8
Nigel TayWaiting For The Bus8
Nigel TayBig Boat, Little Boat8
Sue YoungThe Girl Is Yellow8
Alistair BlairChrysanthemum Flower7.5
Dave YoungCut Yellow Melon7.5
Eric ClarkWaiting Room7.5
Keith WilemanOn The Phone7.5
Keith WilemanBee And Company7.5
Stephen FrostWatching - At The Yellow Fort7.5
Paul ThorpeOsprey Nationals7
Paul ThorpeBee Yellow7
Roger PrattStrange Architectural Feature7
Steffen TauchnitzThe Rising Sun ( On Kodak 200)7
Gary BarrowsCaught In The Act - Leeke St6.5
John BogleDuckhams Porsche6.5
Steffen TauchnitzThe Hairy Biker6.5
Tiago DennisYellow Flowers6.5

3rd Set Subject – People

Carrie DavidsonHoly Lady In The Market10
Carrie DavidsonToo Busy To Serve10
David PowellOlive10
Nigel TayGirl With Blue Hair10
Erich PooleWhere To Sleep Tonight9.5
Nicola HammondOn The Beat9.5
Stephen FrostSharing A Joke9.5
Andrew PowlingScientists With Young Python9
David PowellOut On The Street9
Keith FelthamOf Course I Promise To Pick Only One More Flower9
Keith WilemanFriends In Jaipur9
Mike PinhornEliza9
Nicola HammondHaving Fun9
Pam HoweOh Shit!9
Ron DeAthYuk9
Alistair BlairSaxophonist Busking8.5
Alistair BlairArtist At Work8.5
Dave YoungGelato Break8.5
Derek HickmanThe Start Of The Cachacha Process In Brazil !8.5
Keith FelthamTime For My Afternoon Nap8.5
Nigel TayNothing Personal8.5
Dave YoungAfternoon Music At The Ritz8
Eric ClarkBuskers8
Keith WilemanCurious8
Pam HoweKeeping Dry8
Roger PrattStrange Things People8
Ron DeAthBreakfast On The Go8
Stephen FrostBefore The Parade8
Andrew PowlingJazz In A Time Of Covid7.5
Erich PooleI Want To Play7.5
Gary BarrowsMerry Victorian Christmas7.5
Gary BarrowsFun Run7.5
Geoff OsbornStar Wars Invasion7.5
Mike PinhornLate Night...early Morning!7.5
Paul ThorpeThe Briefing7.5
Roger PrattSlovenian Schoolchildren7.5
Sue YoungRonnie7.5
Derek HickmanOh Mr Gormley!7
Eric ClarkPit Crew7
Geoff OsbornItalian Lunch7
Paul ThorpeCelebration7
Sue YoungLaura Relaxing After A Swim7

2ndSet Subject – Mono

Carrie DavidsonPhoning Daddy10
Dave YoungChichester Cathedral Doves10
Geoff OsbornNewhaven Storm10
Nigel TayTunnel10
Stephen FrostThe Pathway To The Church10
Carrie DavidsonLaughter At The Festival9.5
Gary BarrowsLondonSights9.5
Andrew PowlingCornish Tin Mines9
Brian RobinsonPenmaenpool Toll Bridge9
David PowellOut On The Evening Tide9
Jean BrooksWet Sunday Morning9
Jim CrucefixTombland Alley.9
Mike PinhornRain Drops On A Leaf9
Ron DeAthMighty Oak9
Sue YoungRelaxing9
Alistair BlairPont Jacques Chaban-Delmas8.5
David PowellAll Secured8.5
David StandleyWaiting At The Station8.5
Eric ClarkEmpties8.5
Gary BarrowsBathAbbey8.5
Mike PinhornA Bygone Age - Old Brick Moulds8.5
Nigel TayAt Ease8.5
Richard MiltonBeach Walk8.5
Roger PrattRural Brittany No 18.5
Roger PrattMorning Light No 18.5
Ron DeAthAiming For The Gap8.5
Stephen FrostSallyport Jetty8.5
Sue YoungLisbon Station Mural8.5
Alistair BlairChurch Of Saint-Juin Painted By Light8
Andrew PowlingTitchfield Abbey8
Brian RobinsonNarrow Boat8
Dave YoungGoodwood Revival Motorbike Race8
Erich PooleThe Engine Driver8
Jean BrooksFlying The Flag8
Jim CrucefixSt Mary In Snow8
Keith FelthamG.I. In A Jeep8
Keith FelthamCan I Have A Biscuit Please8
Robert WhitakerThe Gardener's Bothey, Abbotsbury Gardens8
Robert WhitakerOld Gate, Steel Fell, Cumbria8
David StandleyThe Age Of Steam7.5
Geoff OsbornSlindon Church7.5
Pam HoweGoodwood7.5
Pam HoweMono Rose7.5
Richard MiltonThree Brothers7.5
Tiago DennisWarblington Castle Tower7.5
Erich PooleWindow In The Rock7
Tiago Dennis4 Brent Geese7
Eric ClarkThe Green Man6.5

1st Set Subject – UK Landscapes – Edith Barnes Trophy

Ron DeAthLangstone Reflections10
Rebecca HitchcockSunset Over The Solent10
Andrew PowlingLangstone Harbour10
Dave YoungSeven Sisters View10
Carrie DavidsonKilchurn Castle Light9.5
Ron DeAthDerwent Sunrise9.5
Sue YoungField Of Sheep Cuckmere9.5
Carrie DavidsonMoody Glen Brittle9.5
Stephen FrostAutumn At Northington Grange9.5
Sue YoungHarland Bay N Devon9
Derek HickmanSunset Over Lundy ( From Westward Ho )9
Stephen FrostHigh Summer On The Welsh Borders9
Caroline BroomDecember Days9
Jean BrooksA Shaft Of Light9
Pam HowePolly Joke Poppies9
Nigel TayBerwyn9
Gordon GentlesDerwent Water Plus Ron9
Andrew PowlingDorset Village8.5
Jean BrooksWye Valley8.5
Pam HoweCharlestown View8.5
Gordon GentlesHayling Billy Remnants8.5
Eric ClarkWiltshire Savana8.5
Paul ThorpeRochester Misty Morning8.5
Eric ClarkHackpen Hill8.5
Alistair BlairAutumn At West Dean8.5
Geoff OsbornGolitha Falls Cornwall8
Caroline BroomRiver Itchen8
Robert WhitakerThe Huer's Hut, Newquay8
Erich PooleFishing, Portsmouth Harbour8
Dave YoungSunflowers Near St Hubert's Church8
Geoff OsbornCapel Lligwy Anglesey8
Erich PooleSunday At Emsworth Mill Pond8
Derek HickmanGrazing Near Buttermere8
Rebecca HitchcockMorning Walk Along The Canal8
Brian RobinsonFingle Bridge8
Mike PinhornA Landscape To Explore!7.5
Nigel TayHayling7.5
Steffen TauchnitzObserving The Line Between Sea And Sky7.5
Brian RobinsonAutumn7.5
Robert WhitakerLost A Long Way From Home7.5
Mike PinhornAn Abandoned And Forgotten Landscape7.5
Paul ThorpeIsle Of Grain Under A Cloud7
Alistair BlairWest Dean Sunset7
Steffen TauchnitzThe Analogue Summer Of '237

2022-23 Season

4th Set Subject – Nature

Carrie DavidsonWoodland Fungi10
Eric ClarkSilver Studded Blue10
John BogleBrown Hare At Dusk10
John BogleRinged Plover In The Rain10
Stephen FrostHighland Cow10
Jean BrooksSafe Landing9.5
Pam HowePadstow Dolphin9.5
Rebecca HitchcockSpeclked Wood Butterflys In Woodland Glade9.5
Dave YoungStag Beetle On Galvanised Bucket9
Erich PooleFemale Stonechat9
Rebecca HitchcockShort Eared Owl9
Ron DeAthCaught In The Spotlight9
Andrew PowlingOur Local Vixen8.5
Carrie DavidsonWoodland Foxglove8.5
Derek HickmanJamaican Monster8.5
Erich PooleGoldfinch8.5
Nigel TaySquirrel In Flight8.5
Ron DeAthPond Skater Reflection8.5
Sue YoungElephant Family Etosha Namibia8.5
Caroline BroomSharing8
Caroline BroomOpen Wide8
Dave YoungDamsel Flies8
David PowellSparrow Hawk On The Garden Fence8
Eric ClarkRed Squirrel8
Jean BrooksElk At Hurricane Ridge8
Mike PinhornMini Web-meister8
Pam HoweFlying High8
Paul ToddDecision time either survive or surrender8
Roger PrattIbex In French Alps8
Stephen FrostOwl At Alice Springs8
Sue YoungGreat White Pelican Walvis Bay8
David PowellBusy Collecting Pollen7.5
Mike PinhornThe Fushia And The Ladybird7.5
Nigel TayLittle Egret7.5
Pat MitchellNew Forest Deer7.5
Roger PrattHeron With Catch 27.5
Steffen TauchnitzWinter7.5
Andrew PowlingGreat White Egret7
Derek HickmanOn Deck Watch7
Pat MitchellNatures Circle7
Paul ToddDream came true7
Steffen TauchnitzA Crack In The Ice7

3rd Set Subject – Travel

Erich PooleArtScience Museum, Singapore10
Erich PooleHuldra Dancing Before Kjosfossen, Norway10
Nigel TayCanada Bereft10
Pat MitchellNarrowboats10
Carrie DavidsonLessons Over9.5
Derek HickmanHang On Vicki , We're Gonna Make It !9.5
Ron DeAthMarket Day On The Mekong9.5
Stephen FrostLower Slopes Of The Matterhorn9.5
Carrie DavidsonWelcome To Helong Bridge9
Pat MitchellTravel France9
Steffen TauchnitzTravel In Style9
Derek HickmanComing Through Please8.5
Gordon GentlesRiverside Living, Bangkok8.5
Pam HoweLizard Point8.5
Stephen FrostBetween The Trees - Stourhead8.5
Andrew PowlingRoman Sunset8
Dave YoungRunning For The Bus - Hong Kong8
Eric ClarkAlesund8
Gordon GentlesLeisure Time In Thailand8
Mike PinhornTaking The Bend8
Mike PinhornBerlin - A Reflection8
Paul ToddWow What A View8
Paul ToddThis Place Has Everything8
Steffen TauchnitzTravel By Train8
Andrew PowlingSpring Evening SW France7.5
Eric ClarkView Across Skulsfjord7.5
Jean BrooksThe Village Of Preci7.5
Pam HoweStep In7.5
Sue YoungWedding On The Beach - Barbados7.5
Dave YoungHong Kong Street Scene7
Jean BrooksAnd Then There Were Three7
Nigel TayJorge Rando7
Ron DeAthCoffee Break7
Sue YoungTaj Mahal View7

2nd Set Subject – People

Carrie DavidsonGames At The Working Mans Club10
Erich PooleTik-Tok Street Dancers10
Nigel TayCafe Encounter10
Rebecca HitchcockGeorge10
Carrie DavidsonEarly Morning Gossip9.5
David PowellReading With Grandma9.5
Pam HoweA Moment9.5
Derek HickmanTime For Reflection9
Jean BrooksRush Hour At Kings Cross9
Roger PrattFreddie9
Stephen FrostWaiting For The Off9
Stephen FrostPassing By9
David PowellSelfie By The Sea8.5
Rebecca HitchcockBoys And Their Toys8.5
Ron DeAthA Walk On The Wild Side8.5
Dave YoungMother And Daughter8
Eric ClarkCo-ordination A Step To Far8
Pat MitchellOfficial Graffiti8
Pat MitchellFire Entertainer8
Roger PrattBums On Benches8
Ron DeAthConcentration8
Steffen TauchnitzFarewell8
Steffen TauchnitzEternal Autumn8
Andrew PowlingGood Companions7.5
Erich PooleWho Is He Feeding7.5
Mike PinhornMorris Dancers Paddling At The Seaside7.5
Andrew PowlingCurtain Call For Madding Crowd7
Eric ClarkTwisted Reflections7
Jean BrooksTime To Get Wet7
Nigel TayRicky O'Neill7
Pam HoweLoading7
Derek HickmanA Moment Of Calm6.5
Mike PinhornBlowing Bubbles On The Embankment6.5
Dave YoungCustomers Molveno Market6

1st Set Subject – UK Landscapes – Edith Barnes Trophy

Carrie DavidsonLoch Awe10
Ron DeAthUllswater In Winter10
Caroline BroomAll Is Calm9.5
Caroline BroomHampshire Woodland9.5
Pat MitchellGlorious Spring9.5
Carrie DavidsonOctober Morning9
Pam HoweRainbow9
Pat MitchellHavant Park9
Rebecca HitchcockThe Cottage By The Loch9
Rebecca HitchcockBass Rock9
Ron DeAthE.M.M.V.M9
Derek HickmanLeaving Lindisfarne8.5
Erich PooleHappy 70th Ma'am8.5
Mike PinhornPloughing The Fields8.5
Dave YoungView Towards Chichester Cathedral8
Dave YoungWinkle Street8
Eric ClarkLakeside Property8
Jean BrooksView From Hays Bluff8
Stephen FrostTalyllyn Lake Reflections8
Andrew PowlingKynance Cove7.5
Derek HickmanLandscape Painting7.5
Eric ClarkRaging River7.5
Jean BrooksLordstones7.5
Stephen FrostWelsh Lake Reflections7.5
Sue YoungWest Stoke Bluebells7.5
Andrew PowlingCornish Heritage7
Brian RobinsonBosham Harbour7
David PowellTowards The Bridge At Inveraray7
David PowellA Winters Day Across Lock Fyne7
Sue YoungSunset At Prinsted7
Erich PooleUnder Southsea Pier6.5
Mike PinhornChalk Lines6.5
Pam HoweRays6
Steffen TauchnitzTranquile6
Steffen TauchnitzEvenig Haze6
Brian RobinsonLake Pukaki NZDQ