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2023-24 Season

4th Set Subject – Something Yellow

Carrie DavidsonFemale Orchard Oriele10
Nick JohnsonA Toe In The Water10
Nigel TayNot all cars are boring colours10
Dave YoungThree Yellow Tulips9.5
Nick JohnsonGone And Forgotten9.5
Dave YoungDandelion9
Eric ClarkMake Mine a Large One9
Erich PooleReykjavik Harbour Lighthouse9
Nigel TayShoes9
Roger PrattPetals on my Drive9
Ron DeAthGolden Harvest9
Ron DeAthAutumn Splendour9
Carrie DavidsonIn the spotlight8.5
Carrie DavidsonIndian Highlights8.5
Dave YoungPath thro the Daffodils8.5
Eric ClarkApexing8.5
Erich PooleOut in the Kayak8.5
Gary BarrowsCarder Bee on Dandelion8.5
Nigel TayCoal Drops Yard8.5
Ron DeAthWhat. The L is Missing8.5
Erich PoolePin and spring reflection8
Gary BarrowsBananas at Market8
Roger PrattYellow Moon8
Roger PrattYellow Door - Old Bricks8
Gary BarrowsSwallowtail on Hibiscus7
Nick JohnsonMostly Yellow7
Tiago DennisLight yellow rose6.5

3rd Set Subject – People

Nigel TayCrossing the 'Wobbly Bridge'10
Ron DeAthA Pipe and a Cuppa. Sheer Bliss10
Ron DeAthAge Concern10
Carrie DavidsonAll Eyes on the game9.5
Ron DeAthHow about that then Bro9.5
Carrie DavidsonAmara9
Gary BarrowsSimla Delivery Man9
Gary BarrowsCity Centre Cycling9
Nigel TaySitting on the dock of the bay9
Eric ClarkKeeping Watch8.5
Nicola HammondTreasured toys8.5
Paul ThorpeCheeky Student8.5
Roger PrattBobby With Attitude8.5
Sue YoungRonnie at Lunch8.5
Carrie DavidsonEthiopian tailor8
Dave YoungHeidi Wet Day Horseguards Parade8
Eric ClarkFemme Fatal 28
Eric ClarkThe Escape8
Erich PooleLauren8
Gary BarrowsKashmiri Smoker8
Nigel TayHorsham Red Hatters8
Erich PooleJensen7.5
Keith WilemanShopping7.5
Paul ThorpeAll under control7.5
Roger PrattGrumpy7.5
Dave YoungLament7
Erich PooleThe Shawl Seller7
Keith WilemanIce cream time7
Keith WilemanMelton Mowbray market7
Paul ThorpeSee you later Nan7
Roger PrattSunday in the Park7

2nd Set Subject – Mono

Becky HitchcockSelfoss in Mono10
Carrie DavidsonSharing Traditions10
Nigel TayMist on the meadow10
Becky HitchcockCamargue Morning Run9.5
Carrie DavidsonMending at the Market9.5
Dave Young80078 entering Corfe Castle Station9
Jim CrucefixHappisburgh Lighthouse9
Ron DeAthMirage9
Ron DeAthIt's All About Light9
Carrie DavidsonAfter the wedding8.5
Dave YoungBilbao Bridge8.5
Dave YoungAngel of the North8.5
Erich PooleIsolation8.5
Erich PooleLittle Egret8.5
Erich PooleThe Corridor8.5
Jean BrooksBattersea8.5
Jean BrooksThe Nuclear Washing Line8.5
Jim CrucefixFlying Start8.5
Nick JohnsonRHS Rosemore8.5
Nigel TayThruxton Super Bikes8.5
Nigel TayStormy water8.5
Richard MiltonEmsworth Quayside8.5
Ron DeAthPast It's Best8.5
Eric ClarkInto Town8
Jim CrucefixJarrolds Midnight shoppers8
Richard MiltonHigh And Dry8
Robert WhitakerFour Guys on a Waltzer8
Robert WhitakerKirk Fell from Illgill Head, Cumbria8
Eric ClarkDerelict7.5
Nick JohnsonKitesurfer7.5
Richard MiltonCathedral Lantern7.5
Robert WhitakerTombstone, St Peter's, Exton7.5
Roger PrattBe Careful7.5
Roger PrattLake Constance Sculpture7.5
Tiago DennisBlack Swan Mute Swan7.5
Nick JohnsonSucculent7
Tiago DennisBrent Geese Flying Off7
Roger PrattChimney Pots6.5

1st Set Subject – UK Landscapes

Carrie DavidsonOld Man of Storr10
Gordon GentlesUllswater in the Rain10
Ron De 'AthRural Idyll10
Ron De'AthHeavens Above10
Becky HitchcockWindy9.5
Carrie DavidsonMisty Bluebells9.5
David YoungEileen Donna Castle Early Evening9.5
Nicola HammondSt Mary's9.5
Nigel TayEnnerdale Water9.5
Carrie DavidsonPerfect Autumn Morning9
David YoungHarvest Time9
David YoungElgol View9
Eric ClarkRoundways9
Eric ClarkAvebury Stones9
Ron De'AthStormy Skies over Gunwharf9
Becky HitchcockEarly Morning Mist Exmoor8.5
Eric ClarkLangstone8.5
Gordon GentlesIda worth Sunflowers8.5
Nigel TayHalnaker8.5
Sue YoungCuckmere View8.5
Becky HitchcockLittle Crowden Brook Peak District8
Erich PooleEvening Sailing Leaving Portsmouth8
Gordon GentlesIsland Home on Derwent Water8
Nick JohnsonCroquet dale8
Nick JohnsonLindisfarne Harbour8
Nicola HammondFlowers in the Forest8
Nigel TayGrisedale8
Robert WhittakerBursary Beach Orkney8
Robert WhittakerA Sheepfold, Wasdale, Cumbria8
Erich PoolePorchester Castle7.5
Nick JohnsonSwanwick Lakes #27.5
Robert WhittakerHalnaker Windmill7.5
Erich PooleThe Peace Wall, Falls Road7

2022-23 Season

4th Set Subject – Nature

David YoungTawny Owls10
Erich PooleCasque Head Iguana10
Nigel TaySeal Pup10
John BogleGrey Seal Love9.5
John BogleWinchat & Bumblebee share Foxglove9.5
Nick JohnsonMeet the Family9.5
David YoungZebras at a Drinking Hole9
Erich PooleCorn Snake-Reflection9
Ron De'athAnthers and Stigma9
Carrie DavidsonElgols Natural Landscape8.5
Erich PooleOrchid Mantis8.5
Ron De'AthWatching and Waiting8.5
Carrie DavidsonNatures Finale8
Carrie DavidsonFluffed Robin with Fly8
David YoungSilver Studded Blue Butterfly8
Eric ClarkBee on Sunflower8
Gordon GentlesNew Forest Pony8
John BogleNightjar8
Nick JohnsonVirbena8
Ron De'AthPeek-a-Boo8
Eric ClarkSnow Drops7.5
Eric ClarkFox7.5
Nigel TayNature Morte7.5
Nigel TayGive us a Kiss7.5
Nick JohnsonLichen7

3rd Set Subject – Travel

Carrie DavidsonNearly Big Enough10
Carrie DavidsonMother's Love10
Eric ClarkTug, Alesund10
Nigel TayLa Percola, Malaga10
Ron De'AthPancake Day at Cai Be10
Dave YoungEnd of the Road, Namibia9.5
Eric ClarkMoon Through the swords9
Eric ClarkStorvatnet9
Nick JohnsonInside Warkworth Castle9
Dave YoungIndian Sikh8.5
Dave YoungLake Molveno Market Day, before the storm8.5
Nick JohnsonSnow Play Today8.5
Nigel TayLa Gomera8.5
Ron De'AthAndaman Sea View8.5
Carrie DavidsonVillage Life, India8
Nick JohnsonAlnwick Castle8
Ron De'AthMarina Bay at Night7.5

2nd Set Subject – People

Gordon GentlesCheers10
Nigel TayGuitar Solo10
Robert WhitakerWhat's up on WhatsApp10
Carrie DavidsonYoung Smiles9.5
Nigel TayFeed the Birds9.5
Ron De'AthThose Eyes9.5
Nick JohnsonPushing Water9
Nick JohnsonThe Harbour Master9
Nigel TayParkour9
Carrie DavidsonBeauty in the Kasbah8.5
Gordon GentlesThe Model Shoot8.5
Nick JohnsonSore Knees8.5
Ron De'AthFreedom Fighter8.5
Ron De'AthQuizzical8.5
David YoungArtist at Work-Dubrovnik8
Eric ClarkBeing Watched8
Eric ClarkAll Back of the Boat8
Eric ClarkTaking in the Sunset8
Roger PrattPhotographic Habits8
David YoungBuddhist at Bodhgaya7.5
Gordon GentlesHarbour Strollers7.5
Paul ToddOnly here for the Ride7.5
Roger PrattSlovenian Waitress7.5
David YoungAustin's Eyes7
Robert WhitakerWhiteout on Mount Snowdon7
Roger PrattDo You Take People?6.5
Paul ToddFab Four6

1st Set Subject – UK Landscapes

Gordon GentlesGlen Sannox Morning10
Nick JohnsonRiver Till View10
Ron DeAthDivine Light10
Ron DeAthWinter Woodland10
Carrie DavidsonWoods in the mist9.5
Dave YoungSt Pauls Late Evening9.5
Gordon GentlesLoch Ard9.5
Rebecca HitchcockWinter Afternoon at Wast Water9.5
Gordon GentlesUrban Landscape9
Jean BrooksRolling Landscape9
Nick JohnsonA Day At The Seaside9
Ron DeAthSoft Light at Sea9
Carrie DavidsonPatterned Landscape8.5
Dave YoungLee Bay Sunset 28.5
Jean BrooksSeven Sisters Impression8.5
Dave YoungTree Clump and Rape Seed Flowers7.5
Eric ClarkAmbleside Approach7.5
Nick JohnsonOne Spring Evening7.5
Rebecca HitchcockSunset over Derwentwater7.5
Carrie DavidsonWinter morning7
Jean BrooksYorkshire Moors7
Rebecca HitchcockIt's a jungle down here6.5
Eric ClarkAll Saint's Church, Hinton Ampner6
Eric ClarkSouthbourne Sunset6